Award Details

Solicitation Title: 
Smart Waste Systems (New)
Solicitation Number: 
March 07, 2022 to March 06, 2027
Renewal Information: 

1, 5 year

Brief Summary of Award: 

Trash and recycling containers to more efficiently use fiscal and human resources for the collection of trash and recyclable material across the campus' exteriors.

Big Belly Solar, Inc. is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the equipment including:

  • Trash and recycling containers
  • Software and hardware to drive data collection
  • Equipment to power the units

The core requirements for the smart waste system includes the collection of units, software solution, hardware, system monitoring, software, hardware and equipment maintenance, warranty, training, and customer service.

Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
Bigbelly Solar, LLC Yes

IPHEC Contact
Graham LaMontagne