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Job Order Contracting (JOC) - (E&I Award)
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March 19, 2019 to June 30, 2027
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CORE Construction is a premier Job Order Contract (JOC) company with an outstanding foothold in the markets most important to E&I members. CORE creates customized buildings that meet member needs while strengthening the community by using local workforce.

All work performed by CORE is completing using alternative project delivery methods, resulting in unmatched results and customer satisfaction. With an emphasis on ensuring clear and consistent communication, CORE uses two individual tools to enhance the communication process:

  • On-Screen Takeoff: this software graphically represents the quantities and associated costs for all material and systems on each project. Costs update in real-time as materials or systems are either changed or removed. Members are then able to identify where costs are being allocated and make modifications to increase efficiencies during a project time frame.
  • Option Studies: throughout the design phase, the team will face important options for which there may be several possible solutions. The CORE team utilizes their expertise to provide smart, quick, and accurate cost and constructability information. This supports the team in making the best decision. All options are presented in a clear, professional manner as early in the design process as possible.


Special Note: All university projects utilizing this award shall be accompanied by a Utilization Plan outlining the awardees commitment to diversity utilization.

Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
CORE Construction Services of Illinois, Inc. Yes

IPHEC Contact
Graham LaMontagne