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Solicitation Title: 
Janitorial Products, Equipment, Services and other Related Products
Solicitation Number: 
March 08, 2022 to March 07, 2027
Renewal Information: 

1, 5-year

Brief Summary of Award: 

HD Supply has more than 40 years of experience supporting our customers with leadership positions in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO). With 40+ distribution centers spread across 25 states, HD Supply provides an expansive offering of high-quality, name-brand, and proprietary products.


North American offers more than 100,000 products, plus the expertise to recommend the best solutions to meet your unique needs. Together, we create an environment that sustains happy, committed, successful employees. One that improves efficiency and lowers costs. For a more effective business, let’s build pride in your facility.

Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
HD Supply Facilities Maintenance LTD dba Home Depot Pro Yes
North American Corporation Yes

IPHEC Contact
Graham LaMontagne