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Incident Response, Security Assessment, & Digital Forensic Services
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November 13, 2020 to November 12, 2025
Renewal Information: 

1, 5-year renewal

Brief Summary of Award: 

4Discovery is an elite B2B digital forensics firm that provides organizations and attorneys with digital forensic, information security, and electronic discovery services. They believe in simple, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that leverage technology to solve complex challenges. 4Discovery act as a trusted third party for clients by assisting with case strategy, conducting forensic examinations, reporting critical findings, and providing expert testimony.


Deloitte & Touche is widely recognized as a leader in conducting security assessments and has been performing them for 15 years, across 25 countries totaling more than 55,000 completed assessments. These security reviews include audits of enterprise security policies & procedures, plans, standards, etc., as well as technical software and configuration vulnerability security assessments of technologies at across all levels of the technology stack—at the network (e.g., routers, switches, firewalls), server (e.g., operating system, database, email, web), and application layers.


SLG Innovation, Inc. is an Information Technology Solutions company dedicated to serving the public sector and is headquartered in Chicago Illinois. SLG Innovation was founded in 2010.  Their corporate name “SLG” stands for “State & Local Government Innovation”. SLG Innovation has the breadth of resources, experiences, and capabilities to successfully provide the complete range of services related to the Program Management, Infrastructure Managed Services and Cyber Security.  

Vendor Extended to Other Community Colleges
4Discovery Yes
Deloitte & Touche Yes
SLG Innovation Yes

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Graham LaMontagne